• Does The Patriarchy Need To Disappear?

    Derrick Jensen


    As you think over what you are reading in this chapter and start identifying specific, detailed manifestations of the patriarchy in your daily life (like the fact that children play in the street, most buildings are angled instead of rounded and their design makes minimal or no use of an abundance of free solar energy) you may be surprised that a condition you either never noticed before or that you assumed was naturally true and ordinary could only exist in a patriarchy. It becomes even more astonishing when that thing is happening inside of you! For example, when you shut down your intuition, numb your feelings, and pass responsibility for conducting rituals of death, birth or transition over to priests and doctors instead of priestesses and midwives because of fears of reprisal from the culture. You can experience how deeply the patriarchy possesses you by wrestling to change a particular opinion, reaction, assumption or generalization and finding that it careens through your mind and emotions, forcibly driven by an unseen patriarchal engine.
    Consciousness creates freedom from that possession.
    A practice that awakens consciousness within you is to name what is happening. For example you could say to yourself, “What is happening right now inside of me is a manifestation of the patriarchy. It is not authentically me.” Unfettered by the patriarchal worldview you suddenly gain freedom of movement. You can begin to take actions that are more authentically your own, even if they are not sanctioned by the patriarchy.

    How Patriarchy Shapes Modern Culture

    ● Modern culture is dominated and controlled by men.
    ● Modern culture is designed to serve the purposes of men. Men make the important decisions.
    ● Men design modern government, police force, military, and the modern culture school systems.
    ● Men make and enforce the laws.
    ● Men specify and approve the design of modern culture cities, streets, buildings, transportation systems, communication systems, entertainment, and clothes. Even kitchen appliances are designed and marketed by men, with unusable instructions written by technicians for technicians.
    ● Men define women’s beauty ideals and 'saturation bomb' the female mind with these definitions through multiple media channels.
    ● Men use the female body in advertisements as a sex object for manipulating other men’s minds. What this does to women is not even considered.
    ● For men, women are just a market niche.
    ● Women are told they are free within the patriarchy but this is a false and ridiculous freedom more like having a prison cell enlarged. The freedom is without responsible consequence except to make monthly payments on the credit card bills. Women are free and disallowed to take responsibility.
    ● Women were recently given the right to vote in the patriarchy, but this is a total illusion of empowerment because voting itself is a masculine form of decision-making. Women do not make decisions by fifty-one percent vote. Women naturally make decisions through consensus. Men do not even know what consensus is.
    ● If women want power in the patriarchy they must first subvert their femininity and play the men’s game. To gain power or recognition a woman has to become a better 'man' than the men.
    ● To succeed in the patriarchy women give up their pride, self-confidence, dignity, and their direct connection to the source of the living Goddess.
    ● Women’s culture is directed by men towards children, laundry, housekeeping, shopping, entertaining men, and so on, whatever the men do not want to do.
    ● Women are not empowered as top managers in trade and business. There is no women’s management culture.
    ● Men dominate religion. Women’s spiritual problems are 'solved' by men, by bowing down to men, by obeying men, e.g. the pope.
    ● The patriarchy replicates itself by educating modern culture children in the patriarchal context through all forms of media, and even, unconsciously, through women themselves.
    ● In the patriarchy there is no place for women to live their authentic power. So, they offer their bodies to get a little of what they want and to be accepted by men.
    ● Sexual abuse of women and children is understood as normal in the patriarchy and often unobstructed.
    ● Women compete with other women to survive in the patriarchy and for the love and acceptance of men. There is an ongoing war amongst women who could instead nourish and empower each other in a woman’s culture.
    ● The patriarchy creates wars on the planet because the patriarchy is not round: love is missing. Women know how to prevent war, but do not do it in order to demonstrate the little power that they do have, letting the boys go kill each other as a subtle form of feminine revenge.
    ● Women have forgotten that they ARE love.


    It is important to remember that there is nothing bad or wrong about the patriarchy. The patriarchy works as a patriarchy works. Human beings live, work and play in virtual reality 'gameworlds', in life stories that we agree to create together. We could continue to live in a patriarchal gameworld for all of eternity and no one could blame us. It is just a patriarchy. And it is just a choice.

    Of course, choices have consequences, including the choice of doing nothing.

  • Patriarchy Is A Gameworld

    From your Possibility Management Trainer Katharina Kaifler.


    For a woman, owning your underworld will, to a large degree, be the process through which you put your stellated Archetypes to work and take your center back from your father.


    Whether your father was present or absent, kind or abusive, attentive or aloof, he was your first protector. Out of love for him or out of fear of losing him you empower your father with the best thing that you have to give him: your center.


    You do not necessarily want to give him your center. You may not give him your center on purpose. But the net result of growing up in a Western country is that you enter the age of transition from girlhood to womanhood having given your center away to your father.

    Not only do you give your center to your father, you give your center to the patriarchy. If the patriarchy has your center, the patriarchy gets to decide who you will be, and the patriarchy offers few Archetypal models for a woman to step into and become.


    The women’s liberation movement that started in the 1960s and 70s is still going strong. The valiant personal efforts of thousands and thousands of clear-headed, strong-willed, loud-voiced, courageous women have built an energy wave that you can catch and ride on. In terms of support and guidance for your rite of passage into adulthood, you have a clear advantage over men.


    But do not think that the patriarchy has given up its tendency to dominate woman. Do not expect the patriarchy to hand you your rite of passage on a silver platter. You will need to fight for it, and your
    fight will need to be intelligent.


    Do not fight to transform the patriarchy. Fight to transform yourself.

    Without taking your center back from your father, every man you come close to and every male authority figure with whom you work is not an individual person. They all wear your father’s face. You look to them for protection and when you do not get your expectations fulfilled then they receive your ridicule and revenge.


    Without taking your center back from your father, every man you go to bed with is dad. Is it any wonder if you cannot express your complete sexuality?


    Before a woman owns her underworld she plays the game of hurting men.


    Many women have a collection of stories that they tell themselves and other people over and over again. These are the stories that show how men have hurt them. If you can prove that
    men have hurt you, then you are perfectly justified to hurt men first.


    You may even tell your stories to your own daughters so they can carry on the tradition of pigmaking. You either blame your man with hatred for being as bad as your father, or you blame your man with hatred for not being as good as your father.


    By living in your contaminated story-worlds instead of current reality you can never authentically be-with your man, as he is. You desperately defend your contaminated story-worlds until you take your center back from your father.

    Here are dangerous questions to ask yourself:

    • What stories do I keep to prove that men have hurt me?
    • In what exact ways do I intentionally hurt men?

    The Queen of your underworld feels very glad when men suffer.

    The lessons of Archetypal Love are strong. The lessons are clear:

    • You are not here to topple the patriarchy. 
    • There is no need to topple the patriarchy. 
    • You do not need to destroy or even change the patriarchy in order to accomplish your goals, meet your needs and be what you are.

    The patriarchy proposes one solution to women: If you want to improve your relationship with men, if you want to solve the problem between men and women, then you go to psychotherapy, take drugs, get divorced, etc.

    Archetypal Love proposes a different approach: Remember who you are – Pirate Sorceress Warrioress Queen Goddess Woman – and then start your own game.


    The new game could go like this: There is no problem between men and women. There are men and there are women. Men and women play different games. The two games when well played are perfectly complementary.


    The evolution starts with you taking new actions with what you have right now. The basic action of the new game is Radical Responsibility. This means responsibility for everything. Taking Radical Responsibility gives you freedom from making excuses. Freedom from blaming anyone else, ever
    again, for anything. It lightens your baggage enough that you can learn to fly.

    The energetic description of the work you must do to grow up is of necessity precise: you must remove your father’s energy from your space, or, more crudely, you must take your father’s energetic penis out of your vagina.


    It is up to you to take your center back from your father. If you insist on remaining your father’s little princess it prevents you from becoming your own man’s goddess.

    The purpose of all this is for you to take possession of your own life as a woman in the world. Only then do you have a chance to enter the extraordinary and Archetypal domains of womanhood. Taking your center back from you father does not mean that you don’t love your father.


    Taking your center back from your father is an exact procedure – violent, swift, and loud. The process is best done formally in the company of other women who have already
    been through the process themselves, and requires real preparations:

    Ideally, to take your center back and stand in your own authority you would arrange to be under the guidance of a woman already well trained in the procedures. Without the company and wise counsel of more experienced women it is easy to fool yourself about this.



    The spider and fly
    hurt me hurt you game with men
    continues until I grow up
    and take my center/womb/power
    back from my father and from
    the Patriarchy
    and start a new game
    called Archetypal Love.
    I decide which game I play
    in each moment
    with each thought I think

    each word I speak and
    each action I make.

    I decide.


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  • Patriarchy Is An Environmental Issue

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    Agriculture creates a way of life called civilization. Civilization means people living in cities. What that means is: they need more than the land can give. Food, water, energy have to come from someplace else. It doesn’t matter what lovely, peaceful values people hold in their hearts. The society is dependent on imperialism and genocide. Because no one willing gives up their land, their water, their trees. But since the city has used up its own, it has to go out and get those from somewhere else. That’s the last 10,000 years in a few sentences.

    The end of every civilization is written into the beginning. Agriculture destroys the world. That’s not agriculture on a bad day. That’s what agriculture is. You pull down the forest, you plow up the prairie, you drain the wetland. Especially, you destroy the soil. Civilizations last between 800 and maybe 2,000 years—they last until the soil gives out....

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